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Plastic coating applied to grooves of teeth to prevent decay.

Gum Disease

Estimates report that up to 80% of people unknowingly has some amount of chronic gum disease. And this disease is responsible for up to 70% adult tooth loss. Because early periodontal disease (gum disease) is painless and shows few symptoms, patients are often unaware that there is a problem. For this reason, regular dental visits are essential to detect, treat, and arrest the gum inflammation and infection.


Simple cleaning of teeth with hand instruments, sometimes a cavitating and / or baking soda spraying instruments, rubber wheel and dental toothpaste.

Root Planing

Is the treatment for gum disease which including of removing calculus and plaque around the tooth and root surfaces, use of antibiotics or antimicrobials, and an improved commitment to proper daily oral hygiene.

Gum surgery

With patient has severe gum infection, treatment may require surgery, calculus removal, and re-contouring of any damaged bone to smooth the root surfaces and re-position gum tissue. This treatment normally will be done by gum specialist, Periodontist.


Composite resin is simply a silicon dioxide-filled tooth-colored plastic mixture that can restore teeth to an attractive, healthy state.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a general term involving the enhancement or beautification of the dentition, mouth and smile. This must be done with health and function in mind.

Laminated Veneer

The best analogy is fake finger nails. Veneers are very thin, form-fitted pieces of porcelain that are cemented to your teeth. They are the most conservative alternative in esthetic enhancement procedures. They solve many cosmetic concerns such as chipped, gapped, stained and mis-aligned teeth. Veneers should be considered first, prior to any crowding procedure.

Onlay/ Inlay

A gold, porcelain custom-made filling cemented into the tooth. If it covers the tips of the teeth or otherwise supports the tips it is called an onlay.

Root Canal Therapy

If a tooth’s pulp (nerve and blood supply) become infected or inflamed cause by deep cavity, traumatic injury, or tooth fracture, root canal treatment is the best way to save the tooth.

Removal of Teeth

The goal of modern dentistry is to prevent tooth loss; however, there are situations in which extraction is the only course of treatment.


One or more artificial teeth attached to neighboring teeth, usually joined by crowns on each side of artificial tooth. It is used to maintain space and function for missing teeth.


Many people believe that once they have dentures, they no longer need regular dental care because they don’t have any teeth. Dentures wearers require regular check ups and maintenance to ensure their health, comfort, and appearance.


Due to chronic stress or high-pressure situations can cause people to develop a damaging habit known as bruxism. Night guard is a plastic mouthpiece to prevent damage from grinding teeth or unconsciously biting down with too much force at non-mealtimes. It can happen at night or during the day, is common in about one third of the population, and is more prevalent among women.


Mouth-guard is a plastic mouthpiece to prevent oral injury from playing sports. According to the National Youth Sports Foundation that more than 5 million teeth will be knocked out in sporting activities each year. These oral traumas will happen to children, high school and college level athletes.

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